Retreats & Workshops

Our retreats and workshops provide opportunities to come together in community, online or in beautiful destinations, to deepen your understanding and experience of yoga, yourself and the joys of life.

We believe the practices of yoga can help us to live our best lives, and by immersing in deeper experiences we hope you will be inspired to live your best and most joyful life.

So whether you are looking to travel, or participate from the comfort of your own home, we hope you find an experience that meets your needs.

Women’s Fall Retreat

A Journey Back to the Self

Kingfield, Maine

September 26-29, 2024



I have attended several retreats with Whole Soul Wellness Yoga. Combining the love for yoga & travel has enhanced my life more than I could have ever imagined. The retreat programs are educational & well organized. Instructors are phenomenal – so knowledgeable about the physical poses, philosophical and therapeutic aspects of yoga.

Also available during retreats are organized local excursions, time for solitude, time for laughter and for amazing food! Traveling with like minded people is priceless. Whole Soul Wellness Yoga is truly gifted with the ability to create an environment filled with positivity, love, acceptance and all the good stuff life has to offer! Go soak it up!

Pam, Destination Retreats

“I had a huge breakthrough yesterday (during the day retreat); a breakthrough in terms of balance. I discovered a centeredness unknown to me, one that is fluid, relaxed in the moment, accepting the wavering, sure of its ground. Tree pose wasn’t a posture suddenly, but a way of being rooted and free. For the first time in that asana, I was sure and growing and at ease…steady and accepting. You created a world-apart that is carrying forward in the world-as-it for me.”

Dawn, Day Retreat Participant

“I very much enjoyed my week-long at home retreat.  The classes were well-directed and the preparation and sequencing/repetition of the asanas, for me, led to a breath-centered, meditative and calming practice. The setting you chose for practice & streaming was perfect. Your voices were clear and modulated, and your cues hit the marks I needed. Thank you!”

Linda, Home Retreat Participant